Don’t Disrespect the Tarot!

One night, several months ago, some of the husband’s family came over for a visit. They were down visiting from the Oklahoma City area. We love and miss them dearly, but they can be a lot to take all at once. Michelle* and Dennis* have six children ranging from the ages of 1 to 16. They are a sweet but unruly bunch. Robert*, their little 13 year old heart-breaker, is a good kid but sometimes his “jokes” aren’t so funny and tend to be rather disrespectful.

That night, I was talking to Michelle about tarot and pulled out my decks… I was going to give her a small sample reading to show her what they are and how it works. Keep in mind, much like a many of us, she was raised to believe tarot was devil-worship… or some nonsense like that. Robert, being the obnoxiously curious kid that he is, was becoming rather grabby and kept snatching up all my occult tools and giving them the once over. I was patient with him… he was curious… okay… fine…

But, then he did something that earned him a smack from both his mother and I… he picked up one of my tarot cards and belched on it!!! Even Dennis (who is not known to be the smartest cookie in the batch) knew the significance of his sons misbehavior. He scolded him and said, “Now how would you feel if someone picked up your Bible and burped on it?”

The comparison of my tarot to the bible did not offend me. First, because he was trying to point out to his son the relevance of his sons actions in accordance to something he valued very much. And second, because I do kind of see my tarot as my own kind of “Bible.” Each card is much like a biblical scripture, representing a piece of the story. And when you pull multiple scriptures/cards together in a certain way, it tells a story or teaches you a small lesson. Each suit representing a book in the Bible. Telling it’s own story, but still each suit/book being similar to other suits/books. The Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana maybe similar to the Old and New Testaments, each holding significance of their own. Anyway… you see my point there, yes?

As I have gotten way off track, here was my dilemma: I smudged the card with incense. Then I cleansed it again with my singing bowl. But I questioned if that was enough? I know my cards are a TOOL for me to use to assist in communicating with that which we call Divinity or the Spirit Realm… but I wondered if there was something else that I should have done to cleanse those cards? I know this sounds like an overly superstitious question… and I am not… superstitious, I mean. But, I had been able to communicate, without incident, with the Spirit Realm and I would have hated if that “relationship” were to become muddled because of the inconsiderate actions of an obnoxious little boy.

After spending much time in thought and seeking the advice of those close to me who understood my path, I decided that what was done was innocent enough. Obnoxious, yes. But, not particularly malicious. My experience with the Spirit Realm held more weight and my bond with my divinity tools was (and remains to be) much stronger than even I knew.

Much love and light and many blessings!

*The names have been changed to protect privacy.


An Experiment

Being that this is my first post to this blog site, I feel an explanation is in order. This blog is an experiment… intended to be a witchy, tarot-reading kind of blog with a Dear Abby feel to it. I will be using my own experiences as well as those of my friends and family (with their permission, of course) to write about as a learning tool. Here, I will make general notations on my “spell casting” experiences as well as how I am progressing as an intuitive tarot reader. We shall see how this goes. Wish me luck!